Every Company (Should Be) a Design Company

I am often asked the role that designers play on my teams, and what makes a "design and innovation" consulting engagement different from other consulting work. Here I think Nelson Kunkel, Chief Design Officer for Deloitte Digital and whom I recently met while doing digital customer experience design for a luxury client, explains the role of design very well. In the future I hope that not only do more companies see the value in design and elevate its role in the organization, but that more and more employees are trained in design (and design thinking) as well.

"Design is fundamentally the discipline of making thoughtful decisions that create better outcomes for people... When businesses see design as merely the craft of making things look nice, they leave value on the table. The more lucrative role of design is in identifying a better set of problems and finding ways to create better outcomes for individuals and, thus, businesses."

Ad Age: Every Company Is a Design Company