Instagram leads the "natural" charge

The popularity of Instagram and its influence on the wider spread use of photograph filters is well-known. Today AdWeek noted that "design teams are beginning to see the benefit of moving away from over-lit, over-staged and generally over-edited photography for their campaigns" in favor of photos that look and feel more organic - to use both on and off the mobile platform. These types of images often resonate more with customers, and indeed I remember when analyzing Pinterest metrics at Moda Operandi one of the most pinned posts was that of an Instagram photo. 

Yet another, smaller, point made in the article caught my attention. One art director said that the huge network of designers and photographers on Instagram, and their portfolio-like profiles, means that trends catch on much more quickly and it is a race to adapt to new styles before they become worn out. "Now Instagram especially is responsible for speeding up the rate that we try to push aesthetics and try new things," said Alex Nassour of McKinney. This is likely both a threat and opportunity, pushing creatives to stay ahead of the game and constantly experimenting with novel ideas. It will be interesting to see if there is a future backlash to a faster-paced environment in the already competitive advertising industry. 

Adweek: How Instagram Is Changing the Way Brands Look at Photography, Online and Beyond