Yoox Swoops In

Yesterday Yoox announced a merger with Net-a-Porter on what seemed like an offensive move against rumors that Amazon was going to purchase NAP. I haven’t seen much more speculation on the Amazon rumblings, but nonetheless, it proves that Amazon will have to continue to search for their entry into the luxury market. As a former intern of Yoox, I couldn’t be more excited for them in this next venture and believe it will give them even greater power to become the luxury ecommerce powerhouse Federico has always meant for them to be. After spending time there, I think one of the biggest benefits (as laid out in a Bloomberg article) will be NAP’s editorial prowess. It was my understanding that Italian laws were holding back Yoox in this regard, but with publications like The Edit and Porter, there will be a ready-made outlet and talent pool from which to draw and grow Yoox’s presence in editorial.

I’m envious of any interns who will be in Milan this summer, as I can only imagine how interesting it would be to work in the office of the CEO post-merger!